Talk Isn’t Cheap.

Time (and data) are valuable.

Get to know your patients again with the new Medicare reimbursement for Advance Care Planning (ACP) CPT codes 99497 and 99498.

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More insight in less time.

Personalized, tailored content driven by predictive analytics

Caregoals is an individualized approach to assess and learn about your patients needs, preferences and beliefs.

Self-paced learning for patients on a care continuum

ACP education

Engage with your patient early in the care continuum to provide the maximum support and guidance before episodes occur.

Stronger and more meaningful patient engagement

Patients want their doctor to know who they are as a person and what matters to them. Caregoals can provide you with the insight to truly understand your patient.

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ACP learning

Give your patients the confidence that their end of life wishes will be honored. Caregoals has a patented system for documenting and implementing patient decisions.

Life happens outside the clinic.

Care conversations frame a patient’s symptoms in the context of their life improve engagement. Sharing stories and connecting with personal experiences create opportunities for improved patient satisfaction, increased effectiveness of care and better clinical outcomes.

Your patient’s story at your fingertips.

Caregoals gives you the confidence to have conversations that are relevant and meaningful to your patient’s life and care preferences. Measure, track and gain insight from patient data over time and predict future challenges that may face your patient. Caregoals provides you with the information to confidently initiate difficult conversations and give your patient a roadmap for successful outcomes.

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Humanize and standardize care conversations.

Innovation in your practice

Promote excellence in Advanced Care Planning through End of Life decisions. Provide your patients with a comprehensive, quality intervention for  financial, emotional, and spiritual support and maximize continuity across the care continuum.

Designed for life.

Health care systems are not always designed with the patient in mind. The “do as I say” old model of care doesn’t work. Caregoals is a patient-centered approach that listens to patients and gives physicians the insight to fully engage patients in a partnership to make informed decisions.

Because patients are people.

Empower people to be partners in their health care goals.

Research shows that a holistic approach to health care and empowering people with actionable information results in a better experience and quality outcomes.

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Most people want to share their story.

Caregoals makes it easy for people to have care conversations with their family and loved ones.

Our Story

Build stronger relationships.

Often true care gets lost in the delivery. Bring care back to your practice. Most people want better discussions, greater information, and a chance to influence decisions about their care. Deeper and more meaningful conversations uncover what patients truly value.

The Team

Curious about the faces behind Caregoals? We are dedicated and passionate about innovating health care solutions.

blaine warkentine

Blaine Warkentine MD MPH

Co-founder CEO
mayr budny

Mayr Budny

Co-founder CPO
carly thompson-campitor

Carly Thompson-Campitor

Design Researcher

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